Sub-leasing : The leasing of the areas, which have been rented by a tenant and has a rental contract liability, to another tenant by the current tenant.

Smoke Detector : Fire alarm system, which is sensitive to small-particle smoke.

Share : The share, which corresponds to a part of the entire ownership of an immovable property.

Starting Date of the Construction : The date that starts with the completion of the legal construction permissions.

Sales Price : The total amount paid to the property owner for the sales transaction.

Sales Volume : The total of the sales prices for a specific time period and for a specific group building.

Service Elevator : The elevators that are used by the residents and the visitors of the building.

Social Infrastructure : The general name given to the education, health care, cultural and administrative buildings and gardens, playgrounds and greenery areas.

Single User : The use of the building by one single person I accordance with the architectural structure of the building or with the demand of the property owner.

Sprinkling : This is a fire extinguishing system, which conveys water immediately to the fire scene and composed of an alarm that provides the required mechanical and electrical warnings and of a valve group.

Sale and Leaseback : A financing arrangement whereby a party sells its premises to a third party landlord and concurrently leases the property back. Generally accepted accounting principles require that any gain recorded by the vendor must be taken into income over the term of the new lease in order to recognize the financing aspect of the transaction.

Shopping Center : An integrated complex of retail shops designed to accommodate certain shopping and service needs of a specific market area.

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