Four Pipes Fan Coil : This is a system, which works with water, which is easier to operate comparing to 2-pipe system, which does not require seasonal adjustments, which is more productive and which is more economical. There are four pipes in this system, namely the cold-water entrance and exit and hot water entrance and exit. Fresh air need is supported by an additional ventilation system. The system has a feature, which enables desired heat comfort conditions in different façades, sections and floors.

Fiber Optic : The network cabling technology, which transmits computer data, voices, images and telephone calls through a single fiber optic cable.

Floor Divisibility : The definition that specifies how many users can use one floor architecturally.

Fire Cabinet : These cabinets contain the equipments that may be needed in case of fire, fire extinguishers or water or foam spraying mechanism with minimum 25 mm of hoses.

Full Service Listing : An office lease under which the landlord provides all services to the tenant, including janitorial services within the tenant's suite.

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