Pressurized Stairs : This is an auto-pressurization system of the fire escape stairs that will be used by the users in case of fire, which is performed by building fire alarm system. Smoke entry to the pressurized stairs is blocked and pedestrian exit is provided.

Property : The common name for the immovables, such as lands, real estate properties and independent sections.

Parking Elevator : The elevators that only work between parking floor and the main hall.

Payment Terms : The period of the rental payments, that will be made to the property owners.

Pre-rented Area : The amount of area in a building that has been rented prior to the end date of the construction and prior to occupancy permit date.

Proximity Card Pass System : Electronic card reading system that has been developed to keep the records of the entrance-exit times and identity records of the building residents and the visitors and to guide them only to use the designated gates.

Prime Rate : The lowest commercial interest rate charged by banks on short-term loans to their most creditworthy customers. The prime rate is not the same as the long-term mortgage rate, though it may influence long-term rates. Also, it is not the same as the consumer loan rate that is charged on personal property loans and credit cards. Mortgage rates and consumer loan rates are generally higher than the prime rate, but exceptions occur at time.

Property Management : The operation of property as a business, including rental, rent collection, maintenance, etc.

Property Tax : A tax assessed against real property, usually by a county or municipal taxing authority but sometimes also by special purpose districts and agencies, in proportion to the assessed value of the property.

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