Class A Office Building : These buildings have the best location, highest rent and sale value within the market they are in, and they have high-quality tenant infrastructure and prestige.

Class B Office Building : When compared to class A buildings, class B buildings have lower rent and sale value within the same market, which has designs that are more mediocre if the building is new, and which have been enhanced to look better, if the building is old.

Copper cable : Copper cable is the oldest and the most common cable network in Turkey. This is a type of cable, which carries a sound or a data phase on its non-reinforced state.

CCTV : Refers to a system, which follows up on and records the images of the security cameras within the building.

Closing Price : The rental price, which has been agreed between the property owner and the tenant and written in the contract.

Central Business District : The area, where professional office buildings are dense and the demand is at the highest level.

CBD : Abbreviation for Central Business District

Common Area : The places outside of the independent sections in the buildings, where construction servitude or condominium is established, and which is for the common use and benefits.

Common Expenses : The expenses of the building, such as, security, common area cleaning, heating & cooling, maintenance & repair etc. These are referred to as the operating costs, as well.

Completion Date : The completion date of the construction of a building.

Construction Year : The year, when the construction of the building is completed and the occupancy document is given.

Cape Rate : Commonly used as the colloquial equivalent of capitalization rate

Cash Flow : The cash remaining after various expenses and expenditures are deducted from income.

commercial Property : Property designated for use as retail, wholesale, office, hotel, or service.

Condominium : A multi-unit structure in which owners hold a fee simple (see Freehold Estates) in individual units, together with an undivided interest in the common elements of the structure

Contract : An oral or written agreement to do or not to do a certain thing.

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