Termination : Intention declaration that constitutes distortive renewal that unilaterally concludes the ongoing legal relationship on a going-forward basis, to abolish, to end its legal validity.

Treasury Land : The land in the ownership of the Treasury.

Two Pipes Fan Coil Unit : These are systems that entirely work with water. In winter, hot water (for heating) goes through the pipes; in summer, cold water (for cooling) goes through the pipes in fan coil with two pipes. Depending upon the season, fan coil with 2 pipes system either heats or cools. It cannot perform heating and cooling at the same time. Since fan coil systems cannot meet the fresh air need by themselves, an additional ventilation system is used.

Total Office Usage Area : The total of the areas that are only used for office-purposes.

Transformer Capacity : The capacity of the transformers that receive the electricity from the mains and distribute to the building. It is indicated with kVA unit. Determines the amount of electricity received and distributed by the transformers.

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