Delivery Condition : Expresses the physical condition of the areas to be rented.

Developer : The company, legal entity or person, who turns the land into optimized property with labor, capital and entrepreneur efforts.

Deed of Real Estate : An official document, which shows the owner of the independent section that has been constructed on a specific part of the land, which is given by the real estate registration office, and which shall be valid unless otherwise specified.

Demographic : Pertaining to characteristics of the population, such as race, sex, age, household size, and to population growth and density.

Deposit : A cash payment required by a landlord, to be held during the term of a lease to offset damages incurred due to actions of the tenant.

developed Land : Land served by infrastructure, such a streets and utilities, on which buildings and other improvements have been located.

Discount Rate : A compound interest rate used to convert expected future income into a present value.

Discounted Cash Flow : A method of investment analysis in which anticipated future cash income from the investment is estimated and converted into a rate of return on initial investment based on the time value of money.

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