Our company attaches vital importance for the protection of the personal data obtained or to be obtained due to the company operations. The company has prepared this policy to specify the principles to be applied and precautions to be taken for processing, protecting, storing, destructing and notifying data holders; and our company conducts its operations related to personal data within the scope of Policy on Protection of Personal Data and Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698.


Personal Data refer to any information on a natural person whose identity is known or might be known.


Our company processes the personal data in order to

  • rent out or sell the real estate properties of our customers in the most reasonable conditions,
  • enable our customers to make real estate investment and realize renting activities in the most reasonable conditions,
  • fulfill the legal obligations and protect the legal rights of our company,
  • Carry out the contractual negotiations, sign and implement the contract, pursue and conclude the contractual proceedings,
  • provide better service for the customers and specify the most reasonable projects and services for the customers,
  • develop product and services,
  • manage, conduct and inspect the company activities,
  • provide product and service in compliance with the customer preferences,
  • pursue the demands and complaints of customers, realize the demands and measure the customer satisfaction,
  • provide materials and services required by the company,
  • realize the advertisement, introduction and sales and marketing activities of the company,
  • provide, plan, manage, inspect the human resources required by the company and grant the employee personal rights,
  • ensure the coordination and collaboration with the group companies and suppliers within the company,
  • protect the rights of our company borne by the contract and law

Processing the personal data refers to any activity and operation realized on data such as obtaining, recording, storing, maintaining, changing, regulating, explaining, transferring, taking over, transforming into an obtainable form, classifying or preventing such personal data from being used via automated ways completely or partially or non-automated ways on the condition of being a part of a data registration system.

As a principle, our company processes the personal data for its own operation. Within this context, our company might transfer the personal data and special personal data of the personal data holder to third parties (Community Companies, business partners, stakeholders, affiliates, insurance companies, suppliers, public institutions and/or establishments and third parties with the same purposes) in line with the personal data processing purposes in compliance with the company law after taking the required safety and security precautions.

Our company keeps the personal data for the period specified in the regulation if required by the related regulation. Unless any period is specified in the regulation on the duration of storing the personal data, the personal data is processed for the period required by Company?s applications and commercial obligations for processing the personal data depending on the operations conducted while processing such data. If you are intended to demand for your personal data to be deleted or eliminated or de-identified, your demand is realized by our Company at the end of the period specified by the legal regulations; however, your personal data is not processed by our Company and shared with the third parties unless required by the obligations of any national and international laws, regulations and contracts during the period.

Your personal data might be shared with our stakeholders to specify the strategies on the company activities and to fulfill the inspection activities.

Our company might transfer the personal data to international sources on the condition of having adequate protection level in compliance with this policy, or otherwise, on the condition for the responsible personnel in Turkey and the related foreign country of undertaking an adequate protection level in written and having the consent of the Institution.


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Data holder is entitled with enlightenment right during the collection of personal data. This text has been issued for the purpose of enlightenment of the data holder.

Besides, the data holder is entitled to:

  • learn whether their personal data have been processed or not;
  • demand to be provided with information if their personal data have been processed;
  • learn the purpose of processing such personal data and whether such personal data have been used in compliance with the purpose of collection;
  • know the third parties for whom personal data have been transferred in national and international scale;
  • request the correction in case your personal data is processed deficiently or incorrectly;
  • request their personal data to be destructed if the conditions which requires such personal data to be processed turn out to be invalid anymore;
  • request the third parties for whom personal data have been transferred to be notified about the operations to correct or destruct the personal data;
  • oppose to a result arising from the analysis of the processed date via exclusive automatic systems against the data holder;
  • demand for compensation if personal data are damaged because of being processed inconsistent with law

The data holder might transmit their demands by using the following open address, phone number or e-mail address on the condition of certifying their identities;

Title: Propin Gayrimenkul Yatırım Dan. Hiz. Ltd. Şti.
Address: Eski Büyükdere Cad. Hümeyra Sk. Nef09 Dört Levent Ofis B Blok N.7 K.5/114 34400 4. Levent/İstanbul
E-mail: kvkk@propin.com.tr
Phone: +90 212 217 85 55

Demands of the data holders are completed within maximum 30 (thirty) days and the data holders are notified about the situation free of any charge. However, if the operation incurs any cost and expense, the price specified in the tariff by the Commission might be demanded.

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